Licensee Resources

Become a Trademark Licensee

To inquire about becoming a Trademark Licensee of Princeton University, please complete this online form. For all other inquiries please contact the Associate Director of Trademark Licensing.

Accessing Princeton’s Graphic Identity Systems/Guidelines

Links to password protected identities: 

It is essential that licensees follow the guidelines to ensure that Princeton’s trademarks are used correctly and consistently.

Art Work Submission and Reviews

All artwork/product designs must be submitted for review and approval prior to any production, marketing or sales. Designs may be submitted through:

When developing production schedules licensees should take into consideration the amount of time required for Princeton’s review and approval of artwork. If possible, Trademark Licensing (TML) will try to accommodate requests for urgent artwork review.

Royalty Reports and Payments

Royalty Reports and payments are due on a quarterly basis (even if no sales activity occurred during the quarter). The reports and associated payments are due no later than 30 days after the end of the calendar quarter (refer to the schedule below). Licensees will receive email notifications regarding royalty reports for each quarter, along with a blank report form.

Quarter Reporting Period Due Date
1st January 1 – March 31 April 30
2nd April 1 – June 30 July 30
3rd July 1 – September 30 October 30
4th October 1 – December 31 January 30

Payments may be made by:

CLPA Authentication Program

The CLPA (Collegiate Licensing Product Association) is a non-profit organization consisting of colleges, universities, bowls and special properties that participate in the CLPA Authentication Program. Princeton is an active CLPA member and requires licensees to affix either the CLPA hangtag or holographic sticker to all Licensed Products and/or packaging.  The CLPA Authentication Program helps to protect its members from unlicensed/counterfeit merchandise. To find out more about the program or to order hangtags, labels or holographic stickers please visit the CLPA website.

Proposed Licensed Products

The Licensed Products list is a resource which indicates the types of merchandise that may be manufactured under a trademark license. If a product is not included on this list, please contact the Associate Director of Trademark Licensing to determine if it may be produced under a trademark license. 


Athletic Style Garments Running shorts T-Shirts
Hats Socks Walking Shorts
Jackets Sweatpants Windbreakers
Jerseys Sweatshirts  
Polo Shirts Tank Tops  

Other Items 

Athletic Bags Cufflinks Pencils
Auto Mats Cushions Pennants
Baby Bottles Decals Pens
Backpacks Figurines Picnic Sets
Badges Flying Disks Pins
Basketballs Floor Mats Plaques/Picture Frames
Beach Mats Footballs Plush and Stuffed Animals
Belts Garment Bags Postcards
Belt Buckles Glassware Posters
Bibs Golf Balls/Bags Scarves
Blankets Golf Clubs & Covers Snack Trays
Book Bags Handkerchiefs Sport Shoes
Bookmarks Hats Stools
Bumper Sticker Ice Buckets Sunglasses
Calendars Jewelry Tennis Racket Covers
Campus Map Key Chains Thermos Bottles
Campus Photos Key Holders Towels
Card Holders Lamps Visors
Carry-All Bags Letter Openers Volleyballs
Casual Shoes License Plate Frames Wall Hangings
Ceramic Plates Loose Leaf Binders Wallets
Ceramic Cups/Mugs Memo Pads Wastebaskets
Chairs Mirrors Watches
Class Rings Neckties Wrapping Paper
Clocks Notebooks  
Coin Purses Paper Holders  
List of Current Products by Approved Licensees

The Current Products by Approved Licensee List provides the names of current licensees and examples of their merchandise. This list may change as licensees receive approval to change their product offerings.

Products Princeton will not License

The following items are excluded from Princeton’s Trademark Licensing Program and may not be used with any of Princeton University’s trademarks or logos:

  1. Items for official Princeton business purposes and official Princeton ceremonies, including, but are not limited to, stationery, business cards, directories and official reports
  2. Items such as personal bank checks and address labels
  3. Princeton Letter Sweater
  4. Alcoholic beverages
  5. Tobacco and smoking products 
  6. Food products
  7. Sexually oriented goods
  8. Healthcare products and toiletries
  9. Goods related to gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes
  10. Religious or burial goods
  11. Products of a political nature
  12. Education-related products
  13. Goods including names or pictures of current students (i.e., athletes, movie stars, etc.)
  14. Services of any kind (i.e. moving companies, area entertainment programs or tour services)
  15. Advertising or promotional literature of any kind
  16. Goods making unfavorable references to race, religion, sex, national origins or handicaps
  17. Firearms and weapons
  18. Products in "poor taste", including bathroom products
Advertising Princeton Licensed Products in the Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW)

Information about placing an advertisement in the Princeton Alumni Weekly may be found on PAW’s website.

Calendar of Princeton Events

For a calendar of public events at Princeton University.